Applying for a free boiler grant in 2020 – is it still possible?

In short, absolutely.

The UK governments free boiler scheme has been running for some time now (Energy Companies Obligation). Over the years, the goal posts have been moved, however, funding is still available for replacement boilers in 2020.

What is the criteria to apply for a free boiler grant in 2020?

  • You will need to be a home owner (private tenants and landlords are now no longer able to apply)
  • You will need to be in receipt of one of the following benefits;
    • Universal Credit
    • Pension Credit
    • Child Tax Credit
    • Working Tax Credit
    • Income Support
    • ESA
    • JSA
    • Armed Forces Independence Payment
    • Attendance Allowance
    • Carers Allowance
    • Disability Living Allowance (DLA)
    • Severe Disablement Allowance
    • War Pensions Mobility Supplement
    • Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit
    • PIP (Personal Independence Payment)
    • Constant Attendance Allowance
  • You will need to have a Mains Gas boiler in your home (funding is no longer available for Oil, LPG, or Electric Boilers)
  • Your existing boiler will need to be at least 8 years old (be broken, or not condensing)

That’s it.

Will the boiler be completely free?

Sometimes it can be, sometimes it can’t.

The grant, or amount of funding which you can claim is determined by the size of your home.

If you have a very in-efficient boiler and a large in-efficient home, more funding will be made available for you as the carbon savings will be high. In most cases, the boiler grant funding will cover the entire cost.

If you have a smaller home, the carbon savings will be lower, meaning less funding can be claimed. This means you will be required to contribute to the final cost.

If I am able to qualify for a free boiler grant in 2020, who gets the funding?

Once you’ve applied for a grant online (use the following link;, you will be contacted by a local approved company. They will discuss the process over the phone, and arrange a home visit. Once they’ve calculated there amount of funding which can be claimed, they will be able to advise you if your boiler grant will be fully funded, or let you know the amount which you would need to contribute.

If the contribution which is required is too high, there is no obligation to proceed with the installation of your new boiler.

The funding will go directly to the installation company, you will not receive the grant funding directly.

How long will it take to apply for a free boiler grant and have the boiler installed?

Not long at all.

You can apply online for a boiler grant in under 60 seconds.

Typically, you should expect the whole process to take around 2 weeks from the start of your boiler grant application to your free boiler being installed.

If I don’t quality for a free boiler grant, what are my options?

Firstly, try your local council. They run there own schemes (LA Flex etc).

Secondly, you could look in to pay monthly options. Websites such as allow you to get a fixed price on a new boiler online, and you can apply for a finance within minutes. APR rates are typically around 9.9%, but 0% options are also available. They’re able to install new boiler anywhere in the UK within 24 hours, which is great if you’re in an emergency.