Revolutionary price comparison website is set to save boiler buyers’ a bomb is a recently launched boiler price comparison website which allows consumers to browse the best deals available from top-rated boiler installers who’re able to help in their area. Users are then able to filter the results based on what’s important to them, such as price, boiler make, warranty length and more. What’s more, it even breaks the prices down in to both ‘out-right’ and finance options, to give buyers a better understanding of their options.

Heatable’s founder, Sam Price, says:

Heatable is going to change the way people buy their new boilers, for good. For the first time, consumers are able to find the best deal without having to handle the pushy sales calls and dodgy salesmen at unsociable hours. Everything that they couldn’t do before, they now can, from the comfort and safety of their own homes. Within 30 seconds, they can get 30+ quotes which are totally bespoke to them.

In order to access the quotes, the user will need to answer some quick-fire questions about their home and it’s current heating system. Then, based on their answers, Heatable can determine which type of boiler will be required, how powerful it will need to be and calculate if it’s going to need any other additional safety attachments. It’s this simple, self service system which cuts out the need to meet multiple salesmen, who’ll all need to do the same thing.

Once submitted, Heatable matches it’s users up to multiple Gas Safe installers who’re able to help in their area, and present them with a range of different bespoke quotes which they’ll then be able to filter by brand (including Viessmann Boilers and Ideal Boilers), warranty length, rating, price and more. There’s different deals to cater for different budgets too, which really helps when trying to keep the costs down! To see reviews on the brands available, check out the Viessmann 050 Review and the Viessmann 100-W Review.

If a user finds a deal which they like, or if they have any questions about the package, finance payments etc, they can simply call the installers directly. There’s no call backs, or waiting around. Everything can be boxed off in real-time.

With funding for the ECO scheme being slowly cut, a website like Heatable could be just what the savvy boiler buyer needs.

Find out more here:

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Got Electric Storage Heaters? You Can Now Claim Free Replacements.

Up until recently, it has only been standard central heating boilers which have qualified through the governments ECO scheme. However, positive changes which have recently come in to place have now opened up the scheme to help those in off grid areas too where your typical “mains gas” supply is not available. So now, if you live in a property which has an Oil, or LPG fuelled boiler, it could now be replaced for free if you claim the correct combination of income-related benefits such as tax credits, income support, ESA, JSA etc. The good news doesn’t stop their either.

Free Replacement Electric Storage Heaters

The scheme now also allows those with electric storage heaters to claim a grant to replace their old, in-efficient units with much more modern equivalents. New replacement electric storage heaters are much more efficient than their older counterparts, so you will start to see instant savings on your energy bills. If you claim certain income-related benefits, you can check if you could qualify for free storage heaters using this quick and easy form.

Can I have my electric storage heaters replaced with a central heating system?

Unfortunately, due to the lack of funding which is currently available, grants are not available to cover the full costs of installing a brand new heating system in to your home. We’ll keep this post updated if any more news is released on this.

How can I apply?

If you claim child tax credits, working tax credits, pension credit, ESA, JSA or universal credit and your property is currently being heated by electric storage heaters, you can apply for a grant to get them replaced for free by clicking the following link. Apply for free electric storage heaters.

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Have an Oil, or LPG boiler? You can now apply for the free boiler scheme.

The ECO scheme has seen some rather rocky times in recent weeks. Tweaks and changes to the whole system have seen installing companies shift their attention away from homes who are on a mains gas supplies, and begin focussing on vulnerable properties in off gas areas.

How, and why?

Up until very recently, properties with Oil, LPG or electric heating systems were not able to claim funding through the scheme and take advantage of a grant. However, due to recent positive changes they now can, but why? ECO is built on a carbon reduction target based system, after a recent consultation the scheme operators have come to the conclusion that homes on mains gas supplies were being allocated too much of the available funding which meant that the targets were being (too) easily hit. By switching their focus on to properties who are not on a mains gas supply, the targets are going to be much harder to hit, but they believe that many more fuel poor homes in rural/semi-rural areas will not be able to get the help which they need.

Do you have an Oil, or LPG heating system?

If you currently have a home which is not connected to a mains gas supply, and you meet the benefits related criteria (i.e you claim tax credits, income support, ESA, JSA etc) you can now apply to get your old boiler replaced, with a brand new one through the government scheme. To see if you qualify, visit

Don’t qualify for a grant?

If you don’t claim any benefits, but you require a new boiler. Head over to and complete the quick online form. You’ll get a fixed online price for a new replacement boiler and they can even install it within as little as 24 hours. Finance is available, and they are also able to help those with poorer credit.

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Not On Benefits? Consider Getting A Boiler On Finance

With the way that the ECO scheme is currently set up, only those who claim certain income-related benefits can get help towards the cost of replacing their boilers. But, if you don’t claim any benefits and you don’t have the cash up-front to cover the costs of replacing your old, broken boiler, then getting a replacement boiler via a competitive finance plan could be your best bet.

What is boiler finance?

It’s the same as any type of finance. Effectively, you spread what would initially be a large cost of, let’s say £2,000-£3,000, and you can split it down in to smaller more manageable chunks which you will then pay every month over a set period of time. Typically, the monthly payments will be somewhere in the region of £17-£20 and you can spread them over period of 5-10 years in most cases. If you wish to get more information about getting a replacement boiler on finance, we’d recommend you head over to our sister site ( and complete your details. You’ll then be contacted by up-to 3 boiler finance experts who’ll talk you through the process and offer their best deals.

What are the benefits of getting a replacement boiler on finance?

Well, there are many. Because the payments are likely to be spread over 5-10 years, you will benefit from complete piece of mind during that time as the warranty cover will span the entire life of your finance agreement. This means that if your boiler breaks down 3 years after its installation, you’ll be able to make one call, and it will be instantly fixed or replaced. If it break down 9 years down the line, again, you’ll be able to get it fixed with no cost to you.

Another benefit is being able to avoid the large up-front costs, too. Many boiler installers who have access to finance are able to offer 0% APR rates, and can install your new boiler with little to no deposit. £20 a month, sounds a lot better than £3,000 in cash right now.

Do I need pay a large deposit?

As above, in many cases you’ll be able to get your new replacement boiler installed with little to no costs up-front. But, if you do have access to a small amount of cash which is already saved up, you should be able to use that to put towards the installation. This means that the amount you’ll require through finance will decrease, which in turn will decrease your  monthly payments.

What make/model of boiler will be installed?

Because you will need cover for the entire span of your finance agreement, the types of boiler which get installed are only of the highest quality. Typically, most installers will lean towards Viessmann, or Ideal as have very strong reputations for quality and reliability. They do this because if they know they need to offer their repair support for 5-10 years, they’ll want to install a boiler which isn’t going to break down every 5 minutes and give them headaches, as well as you. As well as your new boiler, you’ll get all the required safety attachments, the boiler flue and any required pipework.

Lean more about the best combi boilers for 2019.

I have a poor credit history?

Even if you do have a not so squeaky clean history, you should still look in to getting a boiler on finance. It will cost you nothing to do so and there is help out there who don’t have a perfect past. Companies such as Credit Union will listen to each individual circumstance and a make judgement based on what they hear. If you missed a store card payment 3 years ago, Barclays might turn you down instantly, but if you’re fully employed and you’ve been great ever since that miss-hap, then you can still get financial support.

How much does a new boiler cost?

The cost of a new boiler can vary a lot depending on many different factors. You may need to have extra piping installed in to your home, your flue (exhaust where the left over gasses leave) may need to be upgraded, or the boiler itself may even need to be relocated for safety reasons. Typically, a standard boiler swap (combi boiler for combi boiler) will be somewhere in the region of £1,500 – £2,500. If you require a conversion (which to swap a standard system, for a combi boiler), you could be looking at as much as £3,000 – £4,000.

Are there any other options?

If you don’t claim benefits, and you think that your credit history is far from acceptable, the last option would be to speak to your local council. Sometimes they have home improvement grants available or run their own independent schemes.




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Boiler Grants FAQ’s

Applying for a grant to replace your old boiler may sound like a long winded and complicated process, but it really isn’t. Since 2013, we’ve helped over 60,000 happy customers to access government funding and throughout that time we’ve learnt a great deal about the process.

To keep things simple, here’s a breakdown of the most frequently asked questions to help you along your way;

  1. How long does the process take?
    Once you’ve completed your online application, you’ll be contacted within 48 hours by a government approved installer who will be able to assist you further with your enquiry. One everything has been agreed, they’ll then book a survey of your property and schedule a time for installation. Typically you should expect to wait around 2-4 weeks from point of application, to the actual boiler getting installed.
  2. What brand of boiler will be installed?
    There’s no specific brand of boiler which is installed through the ECO scheme. Each installer will have their own preference as all manufacturers offer varying warranties and deals. All boilers which are installed via a grant will be A-rated, condensing and 90%+ efficient. The boilers are also new, they are not re-conditioned.
  3. Can I get my local plumber to carry out the work?
    Unfortunately not. All boiler grant installations must be carried by government approved companies who have passed various quality control standards and carry certain certifications. Because of this, you can rest assured knowing that the install will be carried out to the highest standards.
  4. Are all of the ECO boiler installations 100% free?
    In most cases, the boiler installations will be free of charge and all works covered by the funding which is available through the grant system. However, if your property is very efficient, or if it requires extra work in order to complete the replacement (such as extra pipework, boiler relocation etc) you may be asked to contribute a small amount. Once the survey is completed of your home, you will be quoted the contribution and it is entirely up to you if you wish to proceed or not.
  5. Is the survey free?
    Yes, once you have made your application online one of our approved installers will contact you to book a free energy survey of your home. They will need to look at things like your current insulation levels, your current heating system and also check all of your benefits paperwork. You should not be charged for this survey.
  6. Will I need to complete lots of paperwork in order to claim a boiler grant?
    In short, no. You will need gather all of your benefits information (such as tax credit award letters etc), and proof of ownership, or tenancy if the property is privately rented. You will only need to sign to say that you are happy for the work to go ahead, and sign off the work once it has bee completed.
  7. Can I get a grant if there is no mains gas to my property?
    Unfortunately not through our website. We only have a network of installers who are qualified to replace boilers with mains gas supplies in place.
  8. I have no central heating at all, can I get a grant?
    No, grants are only available for those on mains gas supplies and who already have a boiler/heating system in place. There is not enough funding available to cover the full costs of installing a brand new heating system.
  9. Can I get any help if I don’t claim benefits?
    If you do not claim benefits, or if you do not meet the criteria, your best bet would be look in to getting a new boiler through a competitive finance option. You should be presented with this option upon applying for a grant, or you can visit our partner website for help with getting a new boiler on finance.


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5 Things You Need to Know About Free Boiler Grants

The Governments ‘Free Boiler Scheme‘ has been around for some time now, thousands and thousands of boilers have been installed completely free of charge in to homes all over the UK and its proven to be a huge success. As with anything which is subsidised by a grant, there is only a limited pot of money which is physically available, there are also many changes which take place to the criteria as it is tweaked throughout its duration.

The first part of the free boiler scheme, ‘ECO1’, ended at the start of this financial year and the utility companies who control the funds had done a great job of achieving their carbon reduction targets. Because of its success, new targets were set, which now means the scheme has been extended until at least 2017.

As mentioned above, many things have changed in the schemes criteria, so we’ve outlined five of the most important things you must know before applying for a free boiler grant in 2015;

  1. Funding is Limited
    If you are looking to apply for a grant to replace your old boiler. it is crucial that you act fast. Grants are going to be available for a limited time only, so once the money has ran out, it has ran out. It is as simple as that. Even though it is summer time and it may not be a priority, we would encourage you to plan ahead before the weather starts to turn and your boiler becomes a matter of importance.
  2. Replacing Condensing Boilers for FreeUp until recently, condensing boilers were not allowed to replaced on the Governments free boiler scheme. This is because it was thoughts that an already A, or B rated boiler was more economical to replace, rather than repair. However, the criteria has now changed which means that if you have a condensing boiler, as long as it is broken beyond repair, it can still be replace via a grant.
  3. Claim a Free Boiler if You Claim Universal CreditIf you are currently in receipt of Universal Credit, you could now qualify for a grant to replace your in-efficient, or broken boiler. You must have earned less than £1,250 in any month within the past 12 months, and meet another criteria such as have a child under 16, be in receipt of DLA, a PIP etc. You can check if you qualify here.
  4. Income Limit Raised to £16,010, from £15,860
    Amongst the many changes which have taken place, the income limit which effects your application if you receive Child Tax Credits, or Working Tax Credits, has now been increased up to £16,010. This means that if you receive one of the previously mentioned benefits, and your income is below the latter income, you could qualify for a grant towards replacing your boiler in 2015.
  5. Free Boiler Scheme, Not Free Boiler Scam
    The free boiler scheme has been given a bit of a bad name due to the amount of scammers, and cold-callers who operated within the industry in recent times. Thousands of boilers have been installed with no, or little cost to the customer all over the UK and we’re proud to say that we’ve help a huge majority of those people. If you get a random phone call, from a company who you do not even know, we would recommend that your ere on the side of caution, especially if they ask for any money up front.

If you would like to know if you qualify for a grant to replace your boiler, you can simple apply online and a government approved installers will contact you to assist you further. Remember, there is no obligation to proceed, and we do not charge for using our service.

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Can I get a Free Boiler?

This is a question which gets asked day in day out… “Can I get a free Boiler”? Well, here you will find out if you qualify for free boiler.

The price of gas and utility bills are forever increasing and if you have an old or in-efficient boiler which isn’t operating correctly it could be costing you a fairly large amount of money. Not only is it going to be costing you more to keep your home warm because of its lack of efficiency, but it will also be costing you more in maintenance as parts are harder and more costly to find for old boilers.

In order to ascertain if you qualify for a free boiler, or boiler grant, answer the following questions;

Do you receive benefits?

In order to qualify for a free boiler grant, you need to meet the income-related benefits criteria. The ECO grants have been set up t help low-income households and those who are in fuel poverty. You may still work, but because your household income is very low you may be able to claim certain means tested benefits. Do you receive any of the following;

  • Child Tax Credits (Household income must be below £15,860)
  • Working Tax Credits (Household income must be below £15,860)
  • Pension Credits (a top up to your standard state pension).
  • Income-Related ESA
  • Income-Related JSA
  • Income Support


If you do, then there is a high chance you may qualify for a free boiler grant on the Governments ECO scheme in 2015. See the following to further check the criteria;

Is your current boiler over 8 years old?

In order to qualify for a free boiler grant on the boiler replacement scheme, your current boiler must be over 8 years old (not condensing). If it is less than 8 years old, then it will not qualify for funding as the ECO scheme in 2015 will deem your current boiler as being too efficient and it is more cost effective to have it repaired, rather than replaced.

Are you the home owner, landlord or private tenant?

Only home owners, landlords and private tenants can apply for a free boiler via the boiler replacement scheme. Housing associations are not covered.

How can I apply for a free boiler?

If you have answered yes to the above, you could qualify to have your boiler replaced via the eco grant scheme. Grants are still available in 2015, and to see if you qualify, you can check here.


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Are Free Gas Central Heating Systems Available?

Right now, there is a scheme called ECO which has been introduced by the UK Government to help those in very low-income homes to access things like free home insulation and free gas boilers. At the start of the scheme, funding was readily available for installers throughout the UK and they were, in some cases able to install new heating systems in to peoples home because the rates which they were receiving were enough to cover the full cost.

Over time, the funding levels have dropped and been re-aligned which has meant that it is now extremely difficult to get extras such as new radiators, boiler relations etc fully funded.

Can I get a Free Gas Central Heating System?

Because of the downturn in the amount of funding which is available, there would not be enough to install fresh central heating systems, or extra radiators in to peoples home for free. The amount of funding which can be allocated to you/your home is calculated by how efficient it already is. By installing a new boiler in to your property, you will save ‘x’ amount of Carbon Tonnes. The amount of boiler funding is calculated by the amount of tonnes replacing the boiler would save, by the current rates which the installers can claim. In the early days of the grant scheme the rates were high, now, they are not which means less can be financially viable.

In most cases, you will be able to contribute to the job if you would like extras such as further heating controls, or the relocation of radiators etc.

Can you claim a Free Boiler?

If you claim a certain combination of benefits and your current boiler is over 8 years old you could qualify for a free replacement boiler. Apply for a free boiler.

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Pensioner? You could get a free boiler replacement.

Pensioner Free Boiler

If your current boiler has stopped working, or its on the blink, then as a Pensioner you may well struggle to stomach the cost of a brand new one. A new boiler installation can range from anywhere between £1000, right up to £5000 depending on the company which you are instruct and the complexity of the job. This is a lot of money and thanks to the ECO scheme, qualifying Pensioners may now be eligible to access funding for a free replacement.

Pension Credit

It is important to remember that Pension credit is an income-related benefit, it is not to be confused with your state pension. State pension alone will not qualify you for a free boiler replacement. Pension Credit is made up of two parts which are Guarantee Credit, and Savings Credit. If you are single and your weekly income is lower than £148.35 then you are able to get it topped up with Pension Credit. If you are a couple and your income is below £226.50, again, you will qualify for Pension Credit.

If you do receive Pension Credit, you will automatically qualify for a boiler grant. This will cover all, if not the majority of the cost of replacing your old boiler and you do not have to re-pay it back at any time. The grants are provided by the Big 6 energy suppliers, and they are funded by the tax payer, something which you may have been all of your life.

In order to have a successful application, you’re current boiler which is in your property must not be condensing (A/B Rated) and broken/or faulty. You will also need to be the home owner, or private tenant.

Learn more about Pension Credit –

Where can I apply?

Apply for a free boiler here

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