Can I get a Free Boiler?

This is a question which gets asked day in day out… “Can I get a free Boiler”? Well, here you will find out if you qualify for free boiler.

The price of gas and utility bills are forever increasing and if you have an old or in-efficient boiler which isn’t operating correctly it could be costing you a fairly large amount of money. Not only is it going to be costing you more to keep your home warm because of its lack of efficiency, but it will also be costing you more in maintenance as parts are harder and more costly to find for old boilers.

In order to ascertain if you qualify for a free boiler, or boiler grant, answer the following questions;

Do you receive benefits?

In order to qualify for a free boiler grant, you need to meet the income-related benefits criteria. The ECO grants have been set up t help low-income households and those who are in fuel poverty. You may still work, but because your household income is very low you may be able to claim certain means tested benefits. Do you receive any of the following;

  • Child Tax Credits (Household income must be below £15,860)
  • Working Tax Credits (Household income must be below £15,860)
  • Pension Credits (a top up to your standard state pension).
  • Income-Related ESA
  • Income-Related JSA
  • Income Support


If you do, then there is a high chance you may qualify for a free boiler grant on the Governments ECO scheme in 2015. See the following to further check the criteria;

Is your current boiler over 8 years old?

In order to qualify for a free boiler grant on the boiler replacement scheme, your current boiler must be over 8 years old (not condensing). If it is less than 8 years old, then it will not qualify for funding as the ECO scheme in 2015 will deem your current boiler as being too efficient and it is more cost effective to have it repaired, rather than replaced.

Are you the home owner, landlord or private tenant?

Only home owners, landlords and private tenants can apply for a free boiler via the boiler replacement scheme. Housing associations are not covered.

How can I apply for a free boiler?

If you have answered yes to the above, you could qualify to have your boiler replaced via the eco grant scheme. Grants are still available in 2015, and to see if you qualify, you can check here.


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Are Free Gas Central Heating Systems Available?

Right now, there is a scheme called ECO which has been introduced by the UK Government to help those in very low-income homes to access things like free home insulation and free gas boilers. At the start of the scheme, funding was readily available for installers throughout the UK and they were, in some cases able to install new heating systems in to peoples home because the rates which they were receiving were enough to cover the full cost.

Over time, the funding levels have dropped and been re-aligned which has meant that it is now extremely difficult to get extras such as new radiators, boiler relations etc fully funded.

Can I get a Free Gas Central Heating System?

Because of the downturn in the amount of funding which is available, there would not be enough to install fresh central heating systems, or extra radiators in to peoples home for free. The amount of funding which can be allocated to you/your home is calculated by how efficient it already is. By installing a new boiler in to your property, you will save ‘x’ amount of Carbon Tonnes. The amount of boiler funding is calculated by the amount of tonnes replacing the boiler would save, by the current rates which the installers can claim. In the early days of the grant scheme the rates were high, now, they are not which means less can be financially viable.

In most cases, you will be able to contribute to the job if you would like extras such as further heating controls, or the relocation of radiators etc.

Can you claim a Free Boiler?

If you claim a certain combination of benefits and your current boiler is over 8 years old you could qualify for a free replacement boiler. Apply for a free boiler.

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The Free Boiler Scheme in 2022

Free Boiler 2015

The Free Boiler Scheme

The free boiler scheme has been around for quite some time now and many changes have been introduced throughout the period in which it has been running. 2014 marked the end of ‘ECO 1’ which was the first phase of the Governments free boiler scheme which was set up to help low income households access things like free boilers, grants for home insulation and funding for some renewable technologies. We’ve helped thousands of home owners and private tenants since the beginning and many households are now benefiting from boilers which were installed in to their homes completely free of charge. At the beginning of the scheme, funding was readily available and it was being paid out to approved installers at very attractive rates, as time moved on, the pot of money which was funding the free boiler installations got tighter and gradually the funding rates reduced.

Previously on the scheme, installers were able to remove and replace ‘condensing’ boilers which were already very efficient. There was also enough funding available to complete installations on small, more efficient homes. However, things have gotten a lot tighter in recent times.

Can I still get a Free Boiler in 2015?

Due to its popularity the Governments ECO Scheme has now been extended until 2017 and new targets have now been set for the energy suppliers. As of April, we are expecting more changes to be introduced which should provide more help to those in off-gas areas, say for example, if you have electric storage heaters in your home, you could have them all replaced with a brand new, more energy efficient system. As of today, the criteria is still the same so if you receive the correct combination of benefits you could qualify for a fully funded free boiler, or it could be heavily subsidised depending on how efficient your property already is.

How do I check if I qualify?

If you want to see if you qualify for a free boiler, or boiler grant, simply complete the web-form and we’ll tell you within 3 minutes – Free Boiler Application

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