Got Electric Storage Heaters? You Can Now Claim Free Replacements.

Up until recently, it has only been standard central heating boilers which have qualified through the governments ECO scheme. However, positive changes which have recently come in to place have now opened up the scheme to help those in off grid areas too where your typical “mains gas” supply is not available. So now, if you live in a property which has an Oil, or LPG fuelled boiler, it could now be replaced for free if you claim the correct combination of income-related benefits such as tax credits, income support, ESA, JSA etc. The good news doesn’t stop their either.

Free Replacement Electric Storage Heaters

The scheme now also allows those with electric storage heaters to claim a grant to replace their old, in-efficient units with much more modern equivalents. New replacement electric storage heaters are much more efficient than their older counterparts, so you will start to see instant savings on your energy bills. If you claim certain income-related benefits, you can check if you could qualify for free storage heaters using this quick and easy form.

Can I have my electric storage heaters replaced with a central heating system?

Unfortunately, due to the lack of funding which is currently available, grants are not available to cover the full costs of installing a brand new heating system in to your home. We’ll keep this post updated if any more news is released on this.

How can I apply?

If you claim child tax credits, working tax credits, pension credit, ESA, JSA or universal credit and your property is currently being heated by electric storage heaters, you can apply for a grant to get them replaced for free by clicking the following link. Apply for free electric storage heaters.