Have an Oil, or LPG boiler? You can now apply for the free boiler scheme.

The ECO scheme has seen some rather rocky times in recent weeks. Tweaks and changes to the whole system have seen installing companies shift their attention away from homes who are on a mains gas supplies, and begin focussing on vulnerable properties in off gas areas.

How, and why?

Up until very recently, properties with Oil, LPG or electric heating systems were not able to claim funding through the scheme and take advantage of a grant. However, due to recent positive changes they now can, but why? ECO is built on a carbon reduction target based system, after a recent consultation the scheme operators have come to the conclusion that homes on mains gas supplies were being allocated too much of the available funding which meant that the targets were being (too) easily hit. By switching their focus on to properties who are not on a mains gas supply, the targets are going to be much harder to hit, but they believe that many more fuel poor homes in rural/semi-rural areas will not be able to get the help which they need.

Do you have an Oil, or LPG heating system?

If you currently have a home which is not connected to a mains gas supply, and you meet the benefits related criteria (i.e you claim tax credits, income support, ESA, JSA etc) you can now apply to get your old boiler replaced, with a brand new one through the government scheme. To see if you qualify, visit http://www.boilergrants.org.uk/postcode.php

Don’t qualify for a grant?

If you don’t claim any benefits, but you require a new boiler. Head over to heatable.co.uk and complete the quick online form. You’ll get a fixed online price for a new replacement boiler and they can even install it within as little as 24 hours. Finance is available, and they are also able to help those with poorer credit.