5 Things You Need to Know About Free Boiler Grants

The Governments ‘Free Boiler Scheme‘ has been around for some time now, thousands and thousands of boilers have been installed completely free of charge in to homes all over the UK and its proven to be a huge success. As with anything which is subsidised by a grant, there is only a limited pot of money which is physically available, there are also many changes which take place to the criteria as it is tweaked throughout its duration.

The first part of the free boiler scheme, ‘ECO1’, ended at the start of this financial year and the utility companies who control the funds had done a great job of achieving their carbon reduction targets. Because of its success, new targets were set, which now means the scheme has been extended until at least 2017.

As mentioned above, many things have changed in the schemes criteria, so we’ve outlined five of the most important things you must know before applying for a free boiler grant in 2015;

  1. Funding is Limited
    If you are looking to apply for a grant to replace your old boiler. it is crucial that you act fast. Grants are going to be available for a limited time only, so once the money has ran out, it has ran out. It is as simple as that. Even though it is summer time and it may not be a priority, we would encourage you to plan ahead before the weather starts to turn and your boiler becomes a matter of importance.
  2. Replacing Condensing Boilers for FreeUp until recently, condensing boilers were not allowed to replaced on the Governments free boiler scheme. This is because it was thoughts that an already A, or B rated boiler was more economical to replace, rather than repair. However, the criteria has now changed which means that if you have a condensing boiler, as long as it is broken beyond repair, it can still be replace via a grant.
  3. Claim a Free Boiler if You Claim Universal CreditIf you are currently in receipt of Universal Credit, you could now qualify for a grant to replace your in-efficient, or broken boiler. You must have earned less than £1,250 in any month within the past 12 months, and meet another criteria such as have a child under 16, be in receipt of DLA, a PIP etc. You can check if you qualify here.
  4. Income Limit Raised to £16,010, from £15,860
    Amongst the many changes which have taken place, the income limit which effects your application if you receive Child Tax Credits, or Working Tax Credits, has now been increased up to £16,010. This means that if you receive one of the previously mentioned benefits, and your income is below the latter income, you could qualify for a grant towards replacing your boiler in 2015.
  5. Free Boiler Scheme, Not Free Boiler Scam
    The free boiler scheme has been given a bit of a bad name due to the amount of scammers, and cold-callers who operated within the industry in recent times. Thousands of boilers have been installed with no, or little cost to the customer all over the UK and we’re proud to say that we’ve help a huge majority of those people. If you get a random phone call, from a company who you do not even know, we would recommend that your ere on the side of caution, especially if they ask for any money up front.

If you would like to know if you qualify for a grant to replace your boiler, you can simple apply online and a government approved installers will contact you to assist you further. Remember, there is no obligation to proceed, and we do not charge for using our service.

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The Free Boiler Scheme in 2022

Free Boiler 2015

The Free Boiler Scheme

The free boiler scheme has been around for quite some time now and many changes have been introduced throughout the period in which it has been running. 2014 marked the end of ‘ECO 1’ which was the first phase of the Governments free boiler scheme which was set up to help low income households access things like free boilers, grants for home insulation and funding for some renewable technologies. We’ve helped thousands of home owners and private tenants since the beginning and many households are now benefiting from boilers which were installed in to their homes completely free of charge. At the beginning of the scheme, funding was readily available and it was being paid out to approved installers at very attractive rates, as time moved on, the pot of money which was funding the free boiler installations got tighter and gradually the funding rates reduced.

Previously on the scheme, installers were able to remove and replace ‘condensing’ boilers which were already very efficient. There was also enough funding available to complete installations on small, more efficient homes. However, things have gotten a lot tighter in recent times.

Can I still get a Free Boiler in 2015?

Due to its popularity the Governments ECO Scheme has now been extended until 2017 and new targets have now been set for the energy suppliers. As of April, we are expecting more changes to be introduced which should provide more help to those in off-gas areas, say for example, if you have electric storage heaters in your home, you could have them all replaced with a brand new, more energy efficient system. As of today, the criteria is still the same so if you receive the correct combination of benefits you could qualify for a fully funded free boiler, or it could be heavily subsidised depending on how efficient your property already is.

How do I check if I qualify?

If you want to see if you qualify for a free boiler, or boiler grant, simply complete the web-form and we’ll tell you within 3 minutes – Free Boiler Application

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