Pensioner? You could get a free boiler replacement.

Pensioner Free Boiler

If your current boiler has stopped working, or its on the blink, then as a Pensioner you may well struggle to stomach the cost of a brand new one. A new boiler installation can range from anywhere between £1000, right up to £5000 depending on the company which you are instruct and the complexity of the job. This is a lot of money and thanks to the ECO scheme, qualifying Pensioners may now be eligible to access funding for a free replacement.

Pension Credit

It is important to remember that Pension credit is an income-related benefit, it is not to be confused with your state pension. State pension alone will not qualify you for a free boiler replacement. Pension Credit is made up of two parts which are Guarantee Credit, and Savings Credit. If you are single and your weekly income is lower than £148.35 then you are able to get it topped up with Pension Credit. If you are a couple and your income is below £226.50, again, you will qualify for Pension Credit.

If you do receive Pension Credit, you will automatically qualify for a boiler grant. This will cover all, if not the majority of the cost of replacing your old boiler and you do not have to re-pay it back at any time. The grants are provided by the Big 6 energy suppliers, and they are funded by the tax payer, something which you may have been all of your life.

In order to have a successful application, you’re current boiler which is in your property must not be condensing (A/B Rated) and broken/or faulty. You will also need to be the home owner, or private tenant.

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Where can I apply?

Apply for a free boiler here

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The Free Boiler Scheme in 2022

Free Boiler 2015

The Free Boiler Scheme

The free boiler scheme has been around for quite some time now and many changes have been introduced throughout the period in which it has been running. 2014 marked the end of ‘ECO 1’ which was the first phase of the Governments free boiler scheme which was set up to help low income households access things like free boilers, grants for home insulation and funding for some renewable technologies. We’ve helped thousands of home owners and private tenants since the beginning and many households are now benefiting from boilers which were installed in to their homes completely free of charge. At the beginning of the scheme, funding was readily available and it was being paid out to approved installers at very attractive rates, as time moved on, the pot of money which was funding the free boiler installations got tighter and gradually the funding rates reduced.

Previously on the scheme, installers were able to remove and replace ‘condensing’ boilers which were already very efficient. There was also enough funding available to complete installations on small, more efficient homes. However, things have gotten a lot tighter in recent times.

Can I still get a Free Boiler in 2015?

Due to its popularity the Governments ECO Scheme has now been extended until 2017 and new targets have now been set for the energy suppliers. As of April, we are expecting more changes to be introduced which should provide more help to those in off-gas areas, say for example, if you have electric storage heaters in your home, you could have them all replaced with a brand new, more energy efficient system. As of today, the criteria is still the same so if you receive the correct combination of benefits you could qualify for a fully funded free boiler, or it could be heavily subsidised depending on how efficient your property already is.

How do I check if I qualify?

If you want to see if you qualify for a free boiler, or boiler grant, simply complete the web-form and we’ll tell you within 3 minutes – Free Boiler Application

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