Are Free Gas Central Heating Systems Available?

Right now, there is a scheme called ECO which has been introduced by the UK Government to help those in very low-income homes to access things like free home insulation and free gas boilers. At the start of the scheme, funding was readily available for installers throughout the UK and they were, in some cases able to install new heating systems in to peoples home because the rates which they were receiving were enough to cover the full cost.

Over time, the funding levels have dropped and been re-aligned which has meant that it is now extremely difficult to get extras such as new radiators, boiler relations etc fully funded.

Can I get a Free Gas Central Heating System?

Because of the downturn in the amount of funding which is available, there would not be enough to install fresh central heating systems, or extra radiators in to peoples home for free. The amount of funding which can be allocated to you/your home is calculated by how efficient it already is. By installing a new boiler in to your property, you will save ‘x’ amount of Carbon Tonnes. The amount of boiler funding is calculated by the amount of tonnes replacing the boiler would save, by the current rates which the installers can claim. In the early days of the grant scheme the rates were high, now, they are not which means less can be financially viable.

In most cases, you will be able to contribute to the job if you would like extras such as further heating controls, or the relocation of radiators etc.

Can you claim a Free Boiler?

If you claim a certain combination of benefits and your current boiler is over 8 years old you could qualify for a free replacement boiler. Apply for a free boiler.

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