What is Boiler Grant Funding?

When you apply for a boiler grant there are many things which may effect your application and success. If you have applied online with ourselves, you will have been taken through a series of questions which help us to determine information about your property, its insulation levels and type. You may have thought to yourself, “Why are they asking me questions about my loft insulation? I’m interested in a Boiler Grant!”. You’re right, it does seem strange, but when you are applying for a free boiler, the amount of ‘funding’ which you get, is determined by how efficient your property already is.

To make things simple, think of it like this…

There are installers all over the UK who are approved to install free boilers and deal with boiler grants via the ECO scheme, these installers get paid a certain amount for every ‘Carbon Tonne’ which they can save. The more in-efficient your property is, the more ‘Carbon’ they will be able to save by installing a free energy efficient boiler. If you’re property is already efficient, replacing the boiler will not save a great deal of carbon, even though your current boiler may be 10+ years old as the heat which it generates will be retained in the walls more effectively.

The amount of ‘carbon’ saving is calculated by an EPC (Energy Performance Certificate). If you apply for a boiler grant through us, a local company will contact you to complete one of these surveys, after the EPC is completed, they will be able to tell you how much funding is currently available to replace your boiler. In most cases, it will be free of charge, in some cases you may need to make a small contribution (again, this is all determined by how efficient your property is and what funding rates the installer currently as).

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