Pensioner? You could get a free boiler replacement.

Pensioner Free Boiler

If your current boiler has stopped working, or its on the blink, then as a Pensioner you may well struggle to stomach the cost of a brand new one. A new boiler installation can range from anywhere between £1000, right up to £5000 depending on the company which you are instruct and the complexity of the job. This is a lot of money and thanks to the ECO scheme, qualifying Pensioners may now be eligible to access funding for a free replacement.

Pension Credit

It is important to remember that Pension credit is an income-related benefit, it is not to be confused with your state pension. State pension alone will not qualify you for a free boiler replacement. Pension Credit is made up of two parts which are Guarantee Credit, and Savings Credit. If you are single and your weekly income is lower than £148.35 then you are able to get it topped up with Pension Credit. If you are a couple and your income is below £226.50, again, you will qualify for Pension Credit.

If you do receive Pension Credit, you will automatically qualify for a boiler grant. This will cover all, if not the majority of the cost of replacing your old boiler and you do not have to re-pay it back at any time. The grants are provided by the Big 6 energy suppliers, and they are funded by the tax payer, something which you may have been all of your life.

In order to have a successful application, you’re current boiler which is in your property must not be condensing (A/B Rated) and broken/or faulty. You will also need to be the home owner, or private tenant.

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